Tuition Policy

The school year is considered to be continuous from September through June. Parents enroll their children for that period of time. The September to June tuition is divided into equal payments according to a plan (annual, semi-annual, monthly) agreed upon and committed to through the school’s enrollment agreement. Allowances or refunds will not be made for phasing-in, illness, vacations, withdrawal, and dismissal or otherwise. Early withdrawal from the year’s program, prior to or during the school year, does not terminate parent’s tuition responsibility. Enrollment in the program entails responsibility for the entire year’s tuition.

Parents/guardians assume responsibility for the school year’s tuition when a signed enrollment agreement is turned in to and accepted by the school with the applicable deposit and registration fee. At this time the school considers the space in the classroom, for which the child is being enrolled, ‘filled’. FKS Montessori makes its admissions decisions and financial commitments based upon these tuition obligations assumed by the families of its students.

Accounts must be up-to-date to be considered for enrollment or re-enrollment.

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