My husband and I chose For Kids Sake Montessori (FKS) for both of our children. We enrolled our oldest son in the toddler program when he was 2 years old. Our youngest son entered into the infant program at 6 months old.

Our oldest graduated from FKS and is now in the 5th grade. He is an Honor Student! His favorite subject is math! He loved FKS so much that he often visits the school and helps out the teachers at the Annual Christmas Program.

Our youngest is currently a kindergartener at FKS and is fluently reading, spelling, solving single and double digit math problems, sequencing and writing complete sentences. When people hear our sons speak they are always blown away by their articulate manner.
The curriculum at FKS is unremarkable! FKS teaches confidence as well as how to present in a group setting. The children learn life skills in addition to academics.

For Kids Sake Montessori is more than a school of Excellence, it’s faith based and Family Oriented! The children pray before meals and are taught core values! The teachers treat the children and parents as Family! They are very hands on and dedicated to teaching! We are blessed to have found such a safe educational environment for our children!

- Mr & Mrs Anderson

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